Friday, December 31, 2010

A to Z Challenge Wrap Up 2010

Way back in January of 2010, I committed to read a book by an author for every letter of the alphabet.  Not long into the year, I thought that I might as well do the title challenge as well.  Oops.  I soon realized that I had lost the joy in reading.  It had become a chore to find the book, read the book, and review the book. Back in July, I made the decision to stop pursuing the title portion of the challenge. 

I'm happy to report that I did read a book by an author for every letter of the alphabet!  I completed the goal that I set for myself in January so I'm satisfied with my reading for the year.  And yes, I cheated for "X"

Here is my completed list for the A to Z Challenge!

A = Appelt, Kathi  (Keeper)
B = Barry, Brunonia (The Map of True Places)
C = Collins, Suzanne (The Hunger Games)
D = Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee (One Amazing Thing)
E = Evanovich, Janet (Hot Six)
F = Freethy, Barbara (On Shadow Beach)
G = Giffin, Emily (Heart of the Matter)
H = Harris, Charlaine (Club Dead)
I = Ibbotson, Eva (Journey to the River Sea)
J = Johnson, Maureen (13 Little Blue Envelopes)
K = Kate, Lauren (Fallen)
L = Lancaster, Jen (My Fair Lazy)
M = Maizel, Rebecca (Infinite Days)
N = Noel, Alyson (Evermore)
O = Oliver, Lauren (Before I Fall)
P = Pike, Aprilynne (Wings)
Q = Quindlen, Anna (Blessings)
R = Roberts, Nora (Bed of Roses)
S = Stepakoff, Jeffrey (Fireworks over Toccoa)
T = Trigiani, Adriana (Big Stone Gap)
U = Urban, Linda (A Crooked Kind of Perfect)
V = Van Liere, Donna (The Angels of Morgan Hill)
W = Wickham, Madeleine (A Desirable Residence)
X = Haddix, Margaret Peterson (Found)
Y = Yolen, Jane (Briar Rose)
Z = Zusak, Markus (The Book Thief)

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