Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Shadow Beach by Barbara Freethy

My mother is very picky about books, movies, etc.  When she likes something, I take notice.  She enjoyed On Shadow Beach, by Barbara Freethy, and I did too.  It's always nice to read a romance novel with some substance.  Solving a murder that took place thirteen years prior, is good substance, especially when you care about the characters and don't figure out who "did it" until the end of the book.  I didn't even read ahead!  That's an accomplishment for me.

Lauren returns to Angel's Bay thirteen years after her sister was violently murdered.  Lauren had turned her back on the town and the people in it, including her father and her ex-boyfriend, Shane.   When Lauren and Shane meet again, their old attraction remains, despite the rift between them, and the lingering suspicion that he had something to do with Abby's death.  They join forces to finally solve Abby's murder and clear Shane's name.

The book was a quick and very satisfying read.  I found out later that it is the second in a series which upsets me because I'm very linear in my thinking.  I don't like reading books out of order!  That being said, I will definitely be looking for the first book and will continue the series.  I'm excited to find a new author that I enjoy!

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