Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Carousel by Richard Paul Evans

The Carousel, by Richard Paul Evans, is a sweet but heartbreaking love story.  While it was a quick read, I wouldn't say that it was enjoyable.  Mr. Evans seems to write in the same vein as Nicholas Sparks.  Lovely little stories of love and tragedy.  One needs to be in the right mood to enjoy the books.  In this case, I'm writing the review a couple of months late and honestly, I had to look back through the book to remember it.  Uh oh.

My quick review in my journal - which is always written on time - states:  "Sweet and sad.  I'm not sure what to think!  It was good, just slow."

See I thought it was a quick read but maybe it wasn't.  Or maybe I meant slow moving?  Either way, I was confused then and I'm confused now.  The story revolves around Michael and Faye.  Michael is working his way through law school while Faye was about to begin medical school, several states away from their home in Utah.  Faye and Michael are deeply in love but Faye's father does not approve of the relationship.  Impulsively they get married but keep it a secret as they are living separate lives in different parts of the country.   Family tragedy strikes, as well as a personal one for the couple.  They are torn apart and their relationship changes.  I won't tell you what happens.

I don't think that there is anything remarkable about the story.  It wasn't good and it wasn't bad, it was just a story.  If you need a quick (I think) read, you might consider picking up The Carousel.

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