Thursday, December 9, 2010

Booking Through Thursday - 9 DEC

I haven't participated a Booking Through Thursday in quite a while but I'm ready to jump back in.  (I hope.  I make no promises!  My life is kinda crazy.)

So today's topic: 

Do you ever crave reading crappy books?

Oh yeah, I definitely do.  I balance every notable book with at least five crappy books.  And I love them all!!!  I'm all about the light and fluffy reading.  The fluffier the book, the better.  I actually don't think they are crappy at all.  Unless they are, because some books are REALLY crappy. 


Kimberly said...

I love your system of balancing notable books. I might steal it! :)

Lori said...

If you love them, I find it hard to believe you would call them crap. I don't crave crappy books. Check out my answer for this week's Booking Through Thursday.