Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen, by Lauren Kate is a book that seems to leave more questions hanging than it answers.  This is frustrating for me, the reader, as I have to wait months for the sequel to maybe get those questions answered.  It's good for the writer because she's hooked me and I will read the sequel.  I enjoy reading books that are part of a series because I get to revisit old friends and I can usually jump right in without the whole "getting to know you" period.  I don't like waiting for the next book however.  It is the curse of the reader. 

With all that being said, Fallen is a good book.  There are enough hints and clues to keep you reading to find out who -or what - these characters really are.  The main character is Luce, a smart teenager who happens to see dark figures, or shadows as she calls them, at times when she is very vulnerable.  After a tragic accident, she is sent to a reform school where many of the students and staff aren't quite what they seem. 

Her focus is on two boys, Daniel and Cam.  She finds herself attracted to both but feels drawn to Daniel.  It's as if she knows him from somewhere else.  With the help of her friend, she tries to solve the mystery of who Daniel really is and why she feels so safe when she's with him. 

This book is written for young adults, but even us "old" adults can enjoy a story of good and evil.  I do recommend it even if it will leave you frustrated and wanting more!

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