Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teaser Tuesdays -The Cinderella Pact

Argh! I'm still reading The Cinderella Pact! I'm not even that far along. It's pitiful. It's a good book - I'm enjoying it a lot - I just haven't had time to read. My normal lunchtime reading was cut in half last week thanks to errands being run and quick bursts of Christmas shopping whenever I got the chance. Hopefully I'll have a new book to tease next Tuesday.

From Page 114

Yes, it's true that at the New Jersey border I did stop off and get a Subway turkey sandwich, but those things are good for you. Look at that guy on TV who lost all the weight, though I read that he never ate a sandwich with cheese or mayo. Well, that's just impossible. What's the point of having a sandwich if there's no cheese or mayo?

In this part of the book, Nola has been trying to lose weight but after a disaster of a day with her sister she falls off the wagon. It's something I think most people who have ever struggled with weight can relate to. Rationalizing what we eat comes a lot easier than not eating it.


Wanda said...

Give me the mayo, hold the cheese.

Coincidentally, my teaser also came from page 114 of the book I'm reading.

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Fun teaser! Thanks for adding a little about what is going on too - sometimes that really helps!

Here's my Teaser!

:) Wendi