Thursday, December 18, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

There are two prompts up this week. I'm not sure if I was supposed to save one for next Thursday or not but I thought I'd answer both today. I doubt I will remember to do it next Thursday anyway. I'll be too busy playing with my new toys! And reading my new books! And spending time with my family!

Do you give books as gifts?

I do, but only to people who I know will appreciate them. I've given books I love to people who could have cared less. This year my mom is getting a book she's been looking for, Dad is getting a book he picked out himself, and my BFF is getting a book I've told her about and think she should read. I always give books to the kids in my life too.

To everyone? Or only to select people?

I think I answered this already! See above answer. . .

How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

I love getting books. I have a bad habit of buying books myself though so most people won't get them for me. When they do, I always appreciate it. My dad usually gets me books that I have specifically asked for. I love that!

What is the best book you ever bought for yourself?

That's a hard one! I guess I am pretty happy that I bought Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone all those years ago.

And, why? What made it the best? What made it so special?

When the Harry Potter books first became popular I fell right into the trap. I bought the first book - in hardcover even - and fell in love. Yes, I confess, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I'm still grieving over the end of the series and some of the characters. Buying the first book brought me into the world of Harry Potter and I've had some wonderful times reading the books, talking about the books, and sharing them with others.


Smilingsal said...

I guess it wasn't really a trap then.

jlshall said...

I love getting books as gifts, too. But I have that same problem - I buy so many for myself, most people are reluctant to buy any for me. That's why I love gift cards.

runa said...

Out of curiosity, when DID you buy HP #1? I ask because I know some people who got hooked before the books even became popular, and then I also know some that will argue they became popular from the very moment they were released. Personally, I was drawn in...must have been 8 years ago? Right after the release of Goblet of Fire. That's when it seemed the most popular to me, but again, I've heard various stories, and I'm curious to hear yours!

Susan said...

I bought HP #1 before Prisoner of Azkaban came out because I remember going out and buying Chamber of Secrets right away and having to wait for #3. I don't think I had to wait long. There was already a lot of discussion and hype about the books so I knew about the books. It was at least 9 years ago if not more.

gautami tripathy said...

I loved HP 3 and 4 best. But I do have the First Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. A prized possession as only 300 books were published then!

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