Sunday, December 7, 2008

Smitten by Janet Evanovich

I promised I would finish two books this weekend and I did. I went on a short business trip that left me lots of time to sit around the airport and read. Unfortunately I was accompanied by a cold and didn't feel all that great. My last layover pretty much consisted of me trying to conserve the few tissues I had and staring into space waiting for the flight to board. I hate being sick.

The first book to review is Smitten by Janet Evanovich. Cute! Ok, I think I use that word for all of her little romances but they really are. I enjoyed this one because there was a bit of a realistic situation.

A single mom buys a "fixer upper" and decides to try her hand at construction in order to learn how to fix her own home. She gets a job mostly out of pity and just her luck her boss is single, handsome, charming and drives a motorcycle! Lizabeth (I'm not sure what happened to her "E") fights her attraction to Matt because she is trying to make it on her own. She's also concerned what kind of an influenced the tattooed Harley rider might be on her boys.

Add Elsie (her goofy great aunt), a food obsessed dog, a neighborhood flasher, and a prissy ex-husband to the mix and you've got a fun story. Again, not a prize winner but all in all, a good way to pass the time.

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