Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diablo Cody

I think Diablo could totally be my friend. Really. It seems like back in high school we would have had a lot in common. I really knew nothing about her except that she wrote Juno. I should mention that I thought Juno was a fabulous movie. As an adoptee and a big fan of adoption, I was crying at the end. Great story Diablo! Sometime in the last six months or so she started writing the occasional article for Entertainment Weekly. EW is my favorite magazine because it keeps my pop culture fix at a high level. I treasure each copy - and yes I subscribe. In Diablo's articles I realized that we are pretty close in age and we both love New Kids on the Block. If that isn't bonding I don't know what is. I'm thinking I should read her book even though I'm not terribly interested in life as a stripper.

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