Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster

I just finished Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster. I've been reading it for a while now, probably 2-3 months. It was my bed-time book. I usually have at least two books going, one to read before bed and one to drag around with me. I chose Jen's book to read before bed because I knew it was a memoir and since I follow her blog, there isn't that anticipation to see if she survives. I know she's still alive, so no tragedy befalls the heroine. The reason it took me so long to finish is because I don't always read before bed. Sometimes I'm just too tired, or not in the mood. I read blogs at night on the computer and sometimes I am done reading and just need to close my eyes.

As for Jen's book, I really loved it. I am enjoying Such a Pretty Fat a little more but I'll review that when I'm done. Jen is a woman who I wouldn't have liked very much when the memoir started. She was mean, entitled, and someone who would have made me cry if I had to work with her. The Jen I read about now could totally be my friend. Bitter is the New Black is essentially a book about a woman who keeps getting knocked down a peg, and then another, until she reaches bottom. Through her struggles, she always looks cute, which is very important. It's one of those books that is supposed to be funny and it is, but it's also heartbreaking because of all she and her husband lost. In the end, they are ok and have learned from their past mistakes. I do recommend picking up one of Jen's books if you want to laugh. A lot. I've got to go out and get Bright Lights Big Ass soon. Jen, if you are reading this? You are awesome!

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