Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Musing Mondays

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookmarks…

What do you use to mark your place while reading? Do you have a definite preference? Do you use bookmarks, paper, or (gasp) turn down the pages? If you use bookmarks, do you have a favourite one?

In addition to my book obsession, I have a very mild bookmark obsession. It's been going on for years but I've never been quite so organized about it as I am now! In a corner of my To Be Read book case, I have a collection of bookmarks. Every time I finish a book I put the bookmark back and every time I grab a new book, I take a bookmark. It's been working well for me.

My preferred bookmarks at the moment are from Borders, made by the Paperchase company. They are cute and colorful. They are a hard plastic, yet flexible and have a ball chain with some sort of design on the end. They come two to a pack. I buy them anytime I see them, which isn't so often anymore.

To really answer the question, if I don't have an official bookmark on hand, I'll use a scrap of paper or even a tissue. Whatever is handy. I never dog ear the pages! That's just cruel!

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Nise' said...

A lot of us grab whatever is nearby to mark our place! c