Thursday, February 26, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Today's Prompt:

  • Hardcover? Or paperback?
  • Illustrations? Or just text?
  • First editions? Or you don’t care?
  • Signed by the author? Or not?

1. Paperbacks are easier to carry around but hardcovers stay prettier. Paperbacks are better to travel with and are easier to hold, but hardcovers just feel good in my hands. I'm going to give the edge to the paperback but only because of convenience. As for collecting it's hardcover all the way.

2. I suppose it depends on the book. . . Most books I read don't need illustrations so they are really not important. I do however like the little chapter illustrations in some books, like the Harry Potter series.

3. I'm not terribly particular about the edition of a book. I don't collect rare books, I collect what I like so whatever form that takes is fine.

4. I have a few books signed by the author and it makes them a little more special than others, but it's not something I seek out. If I run across a signing or a signed copy, I might buy it but for me it's more about the book. I have some children's books that are signed by authors such as Laura Numeroff, Leo Politti, and Peggy Parrish and they are pretty special.

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claire said...

I like both hardcover and paperback for different reasons, too. :)