Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interesting Facts

I've been fairly obsessed with my book collection lately. While in the past, my book obsession seemed to be about collecting and reading books, now it's about organizing (and collecting and reading). I'm blaming it on the A to Z Challenge. It made me look at books a little bit differently. I scanned the bookstores for those elusive "X" and "Z" titles. I started making lists and alphabetizing. I even made a spreadsheet of my "To Be Read" books. While adding a few books to it this morning I came up with some interesting figures.

I have 159 books in my possession that I haven't read. That is a figure based on the books that are readily accessible. I know there are more in the garage. There are also books that I didn't calculate such as devotionals, self-help books, cook books, etc. . . that aren't novels or memoirs.

Of those 159 books, 18 of them start with the letter "S", 13 with the letter "F" and 12 with the letter "L". Those are the top three letters.

There are four letters with one book each, those would be "K", "Q", "X", and "Z".

As for the authors, there seems to be an abundance of authors who's last name starts with "M" (13), "S" (9) and "H" (9). I don't have any books by author's who have a last name that begins with "I", "N", "Q", "T", "U", "V", "X", "Y", and "Z".

I think I'm officially a book nerd now.


Rebecca said...

A book nerd you may be, but it made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Once I started the A-Z challenge I did this too. Amazingly, I had 3 Z titles in my over 300 books that I haven't read!