Thursday, February 5, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Today's prompt. . .

Have you ever been put off an author’s books after reading a biography of them? Or the reverse - a biography has made you love an author more?

I have to say that I rarely bother with reading an author's biography until after I've read a book -and liked the book. I always read the little blurb on the back cover or in the back of the book. It's always nice to know where the author lives, whether they are married, have kids, pets, etc. . . but there usually isn't too much info there. If I loved the book, I'll seek out the author's web page to read more about them. Usually it results in positive feelings.

I can't think of any author that I've decided I didn't care for as much because of their biography. If I liked their book enough to seek out more info, I most likely went into it with a positive attitude. I'm sure if someone said that they kicked small puppies or hated blonds I might have issues, but so far so good.

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