Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Teaser Tuesday

Another Tuesday rolls around and I can't seem to get my teaser in before 10 pm. Oh well, at least I'm doing it. I'd like to mention that I am currently reading High Five by Janet Evanovich. I have all of her books and I read them at various times during the year. I always enjoy them and can count on them being a ton of fun. I don't want to read them all at once because then I'd be sitting around waiting for her to write more. So yes, I'm behind the rest of the world but that's all right. I'll have plenty to read.

From page 185 comes a lovely quote from Grandma Mazur. How much do we all love Grandma? Seriously? She's awesome!

"I guess that's where I heard of her. There's lots of people in that seniors' club, and I don't go to the meetings all the time. I can only take too much of old people. If I want to see loose skin I can look in the mirror."

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