Friday, September 19, 2008

Running Out of Books

Two days ago my friend and co-worker told me that she had nothing to read. She had run out of books!

Yeah, I might have made that face. It is one of my greatest fears. I don't know if there is a technical term for "fear of nothing to read" but there should be. I have it. I am currently in no danger of running out of books especially since I received a nifty little box from Amazon today.

That old question about what you would take with you to a deserted isle? My first answer is almost always a book. A really big book. Better yet, a series. Even better yet, a Kindle loaded with as much as it can hold. Of course I'd need electricity to keep it charged so maybe a truly deserted isle wouldn't be the best place for me.

When my friend told me she had nothing to read, my mind immediately started churning. I had to solve her problem! I'm not quite done with the Lace Reader, so I couldn't give her that. In my car I have at least three books but as they are my emergency stash and I haven't read them yet, I was hesitant. I'm a very generous person with books I've already read but I can be a bit possessive of the new stuff.

Finally a light bulb went off! I have Twilight in my desk drawer. (For the record, I don't carry that book around with me, a different co-worker had returned it) Knowing this isn't a typical book that she'd pick up, I handed it to her with a bit of trepidation. She took it happily and yesterday reported that Edward was being nice to Bella. (hee)

Yesterday I brought her a bag with about nine books in it that I'd read and thought she might enjoy. She took them all, so she's set for a little while. For those of you who are readers, you probably know how I feel. If you start to run out of books to read (heaven forbid) let me know! I'll get you help.

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