Monday, August 4, 2008

Where Do You Read?

When I was teaching, I tried to explain to my students how easy it was to fit in their assigned amount of reading time. I doubt they ever did what I asked them to. They were 4th graders and reading really wasn't high on their list. I tried to tell them they could read on the way home, or at their brother's soccer game. They could read at recess (ha!). I loved those kids but I don't think I got through to very many of them as far as reading went.

I carry a book with me everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. I once made fun of my mother for bringing a book to Disneyland and now I can't do the same thing or risk her making fun of me. With that exception, I bring a book every time I get into a car. Even if I'm just going to the store, I have a book in the car. What happens if I am stuck in traffic? There are so many things that could delay me, so why not have a book handy? Dr.'s offices are no brainers. I never rely on magazines because do you know what kind of nasty germs are on those things???? Ew!

I have been known to bring a book to a movie theater, to read before the movie starts. This of course depends on who I'm with. Conversation should come first. The bulk of my reading takes place on my lunch break and at home before bed. I get made fun of at work because I'd rather eat in my car with my book then in the break room. I've tried to eat and read in the break room but it never works. Too many distractions.

So. . . Where do you read? Share!

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Jeane said...

I've always liked being places where you have to wait for something, because I get to read! I used to love when I lived in the city and rode the public bus everywhere- lots of reading time. Very nice. Just have to be careful you don't get too absorbed in the book and miss your stop.