Saturday, August 2, 2008

I've Got It!

I picked up Breaking Dawn this morning and have started it. I read for about an hour but other responsibilities have kept me busy. So far so good. I'm a little peeved at Edward at the moment but I'll get over it. I realize that on some message boards they are slamming it but I don't get it. I haven't finished the book. I'm nowhere close, but I am at a point where I can see why some people are saying "huh?" I feel the need to defend Stephenie's vision. First of all, it's her story to tell. If she wanted her characters to go through what they are going through, then they should. She created them. She knows what's going on better than we do.

As an amateur writer, I hope that someday I can write something where people get so involved that they are angry with the outcome. Stephenie should be proud of shocking people. How many of us were happy with the way Deathly Hollows ended? I still know people who are livid about it. I wasn't. It was JK's story to tell. That was how her story ended.

I've read some things today where people were comparing Breaking Dawn to fan fiction. Interesting concept. For one thing, I think fan fiction probably became so popular because people were not happy with how their favorite character's lives were going. We can wish all we want but it's still not our story. Stephenie didn't write fan fiction because she's not the fan, she's the creator. She can do whatever she wants with her characters. We are just lucky to get to enjoy them.

Bottom line, stop complaining! You'll get over it. It's only a book, it's only fictional characters. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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