Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Since I've officially signed up for three challenges, I feel very compelled to finish them. You'd think I wouldn't be worried about this here on January 7th. I'm not worried about finishing, I'm just worried about how to go about finishing them. I've noticed that some of the participants in the A to Z challenge aren't reading their books in order. I suppose that wasn't a rule but somehow that's how I took it.

Now I'm jealous.

There are books on my list farther down the alphabet that I'm itching to read but yet I'm also aware that I'd put off reading some of these books until the end and that's not cool either. So, I'm sticking with alphabetical order.

I did make one change to my own mental rules. . . I went ahead and started my "B" book even though I'm not done with "A". I like to have two books going, one by my bed and one to drag around with me everywhere else. I figure that I'll finish Animal Dreams in the next few days and that way I'll already have a jump on Baby Proof. I'll just switch it out. Once I start dragging Baby Proof around with me, The Constant Princess will go by my bed. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I feel much better already!

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