Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Interview with Robert Rave

I had a chance to ask Robert Rave, the author of Spin, a few questions this week. I'm honored that he took the time out to answer them! Thank you Mr. Rave!

1. The character of Jennie is just awful. Did you work for anyone like her or did you combine the bad qualities from several different co-workers into one horrible person?

I like to think of Jennie as deliciously evil. No, I didn't work for anyone like Jennie fortunately. However, I've certainly met a lot of characters when I lived in New York. Additionally, I heard countless horrible boss stories. I combined all of the stories and people I met and created Jennie.

2. When you moved to New York, were you new to the big city like Taylor, or was it an easy transition?

It was a fairly easy transition. I had lived in New York as a junior in college and I interned at "Good Morning America." However, the first time I came to New York to interview for that internship my mom flew here with me. It was our first time to the city and my parents weren't just going to send me from my small town to NYC. So for every interview I went on for internships, my mom either went to the coffee shop next door or sat in the lobby.

3. What made you want to write a novel? Was the desire to write always in you or is it a new thing?

I've always written shorts stories even while I was a publicist. Writing is something that I need to do. It's not a matter of want. I loved the characters that I had created in my mind for SPIN and I wanted to take them on an adventure.

4. As an aspiring writer, I'm interested in how authors handle the
writing process. Do you make detailed outlines or just let it flow?

I make an outline. For me that's the toughest part of the writing. My outlines are usually about five to eight pages in length.. I do the broad strokes of plot and the characters. It's my map for the book. After that's complete, I begin writing with the outline next to my computer, but I'm not rigid with the chapters. I let things flow--for me that's where the fun happens and I can really enjoy writing.

5. What is your favorite part of the writing process? I love the writing and hate the editing. What are your thoughts?

I love the writing. I don't mind the editing too much. I have such a great editor at St. Martin's Press that it's been a pretty painless process, and my attitude is that if it makes the work better I'm up for it. I'm constantly learning thanks to my editor.

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