Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Late Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow

I really loved this book. I want to throw that out there first. I'm really excited to be able to share this book with some friends. I think it is unique and thought provoking.

Molly Marx is dead. That's not a spoiler, it's laid out from the first page. How she died is unknown. At first glance, I assumed that the book would be about solving her death. Was she murdered? Was it an accident? Suicide? We really don't know until near the end. The beauty is, that wasn't the point of the story. It's not a mystery novel. The how and why is there in the background but it isn't the reason to keep reading.

Not too many main characters are dead from the start. The story is told through Molly's eyes as she spends her time in the "duration" following her family and friends around. She is able to listen to their thoughts and while she can't interfere or communicate, her presence is occasionally felt. She watches as her family deals with her death. They grieve in different ways. She watches her husband and tries to decide if he genuinely misses her or if it's an act. She checks in on her young daughter wishing she were physically present in her life.

I found the author's idea of the "duration" to be very interesting. I don't want to give things away but I was intrigued by it, even though it doesn't fit with my personal beliefs. I love the idea that people with different beliefs can still "hang" together in the afterlife.

I highly recommend this book. . . to almost anyone!

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