Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What are You Reading Wednesday - Jan 26


I hate it when I finish a good book and then have to start a new one with new characters and a new style.  It's frustrating to leave characters I care about. 

But. . . I have three books started.

I started reading 5th Horseman, by James Patterson, last week as my "bedtime" book but I have decided that I can't read about murder before going to bed.  Not a good fit. 

So last night I started reading Coraline, by Neil Gaiman, before bed and it's kind of disturbing too.  I think it should be all right.  I've seen the movie (didn't love it) and I'm familiar with the story.

And that brings me to my "main" book which is The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.  Right now I'm slightly intimidated by it's size but so far, I'm enjoying her writing.  It might take me a while to finish but I'll get it done. 

The question is, which will I finish first?  Coraline is pretty short but I don't always read for very long at night.  Still, I should get that finished pretty quickly.  I'm going to shelve 5th Horseman for a little bit just because I can't read it at night and The Distant Hours will take a while.  Time will tell.

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