Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vision in White by Nora Roberts

If any of you have been following my blog, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Roberts. She's one of the few writers that hasn't let me down. She's consistently good. At least in my opinion.

Vision in White is a good old fashioned love story. I say that in a good way. It's charming, romantic and very sweet. And it's the first in a series of four! Even better. Mackensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker are four best friends who own and run a wedding business. Mac is the photographer, Emma the florist, Laurel the baker, and Parker is the planner/coordinator/everything else.

When clumsy, nerdy schoolteacher, Carter falls back into Mac's life, she is immediately charmed. I was too. I just love those nerdy boys. Carter admits to a high school crush on Mac and they begin a relationship. Mac struggles with allowing herself to have a real relationship as she compares herself to her three-times divorced, flighty, user of a mother.

It was really nice to jump right into a story that made me smile. I am a romantic at heart and I loved every minute of this book. I hate that I have to wait until December to read the next in the series. I look forward to re-visiting Mac, Carter, and the other characters again.

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