Monday, January 16, 2012

Solomon’s Oak is a lovely novel of three wounded people who find each other.  Glory is a recent widow in her late 30’s that is trying to keep her head above water financially while also feeling buried by grief.  Juniper is a fourteen year old who has been abandoned by her father after losing both her mother and sister.  She is in foster care and living with Glory.  Joseph is a wounded former police officer who is trying to recover from a horrific injury.  

The three find each other and form a type of family.  The story is moving, frustrating, and terribly realistic.  It takes place somewhat locally and it’s fun to read about places I know of and that are part of my community.  I can’t say that I love the story or was blown away, but I will say that it’s good.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  It’s slow moving and emotional which can be frustrating for me if I’m not in the right mood!  I do recommend this book though.  The characters will stay with you.

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