Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hero by Perry Moore

I didn’t read Hero, I listened to the audio book, and I loved it.  Thom Creed is a super hero.  His powers are new, not quite controlled, and he is on probationary status with The League.  He’s also gay and a teenager.  All those things mixed together cause a bit of angst.  

I love superheroes and I think that Thom makes a great addition to the genre.  He’s growing and learning, becoming more powerful all the time, and is scared to tell his father that he’s gay.  He’s so absolutely human.  He wants his father’s approval so badly and I think many of us can relate to that feeling.  

The book is emotional, hilarious, and exciting.  Pretty much everything that a good book needs.  I definitely recommend Hero highly.  Just a note, it’s a young adult book but really should be read by older teens.  The language can be raw at times and there is one scene that might not be appropriate for younger readers - even though it’s very tame.  

I’d like to mention that the audio book was read by Michael Urie and he did a fabulous job. 

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