Friday, July 2, 2010

Looking Back

It's July 2nd, which means the year is half over.  Amazing. I still have a few reviews to catch up on but I want to review my year so far.  I hate when I get behind in my reviews. . .

2010 started out as a great year for reading.  I started off with my plan to at least complete the author side of the A - Z Challenge.  At some point I started reading titles too so now I am overwhelmed with all the books I need to read.  Lovely.  I'm doing all right though and I have a vacation coming in October which means lots of reading will be done.  I'm over halfway to my goal. 

January:  I read five books which is a really good start to the month.  All five counted toward my author goal which was fantastic.  My favorite for January was The Hunger Games.  I can't wait to read Mockingjay in August.  Unfortunately it won't count toward my goal.  My least favorite in January was Fireworks over Toccoa which was a good book.  It was hard to pick a least-favorite. 

February:  I only finished two books in February because the majority of the month was taken up by a book I finished in March.   Both books were good with Hot Six in the lead.  It was a good installment in the Stephanie Plum series and I was happy to hang out with Stephanie, Ranger and Joe Morelli again. 

March:  Four books finished in March.  That's pretty standard for me and it was good to finish Under the Dome and move on.  Ironically, it was my favorite book of the month so despite the fact that it took FOREVER to read, I did enjoy the book.   My least favorite was Going Overboard which wasn't great.

April:  Four books again.  I really can't pick a favorite.  While all four were good solid reads, none stand out enough for me to reward them.  

May:  I read eight books in May!  Wow!  That's pretty amazing for me.  I did go on a quick vacation but that is still a significant total for me.  The book I enjoyed the most was My Fair Lazy.  It was so fun.  It made me happy!

June:  I read five books in June which keeps me on track.  My favorite was The Book Thief but I liked all the books I read during the month.  It was a good month. 

Now I need to catch up on late reviews and move on toward July. 

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