Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Decision

Reading is one of my favorite things.  (Big surprise!)  It's not quite top 5 for priorities in my life but it's right up there.  Everything about books makes me happy.  That being said, I'm not enjoying reading at the moment.  I started out the year planning on doing the A to Z Challenge and the New Author Challenge.  For the A to Z Challenge, my goal was to read an author for every letter.  I'm doing pretty well actually.  At some point I decided to do the titles as well.  That is fifty-two books just for that challenge.  As last year's total was around fifty I knew it was possible. 

It's probably still possible but I'm just not going to pursue it anymore.  I'll leave up the list on the right and fill it in as I read something that fits but trying to read that many books because they fit into the alphabet was taking too much pleasure out of reading.  I'm still planning on finishing the author section.  That was the original goal and it's really possible.  The titles will have to wait until next year - if I choose to continue.  The idea of picking a book off my shelf because I want to read it sounds pretty good right about now. 

Why do I put the pressure on myself?  I'll never know.  I have enough work/home/dog pressures to stress about what I'm reading - especially if I don't like what I'm reading.  Why bother?   The freedom of that decision makes me incredibly happy by the way.  I look forward to choice.

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