Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Musing Mondays - On Tuesday

I'm a little late this week but better late than never!

As a follow up to last week's question, Joseph asked how you keep track of your tbr list. Do you have a paper list or on your computer? Do you take it with you when you go shopping? How do you decide what gets added to it?

I have a spreadsheet listing the books I own but haven't read yet. They are sorted alphabetically, first by author and then by title. This makes it easy for the A to Z challenge. This reminds me that I need to update it again. . .

As for books that I want to read but don't have in my possession, I usually have some sort of list in my purse. I wish I could say it was an organized list, but normally it's just a post it note stuck in a pocket of my purse. I'll be going to a library book sale this weekend and I'm usually looking for specific authors vs. titles.

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