Friday, April 24, 2009

Everyone Is Beautiful by Katherine Center

Everyone is Beautiful, by Katherine Center, is a witty, smart book that tackles everyday issues in a beautiful way. Lanie is a woman who recently moved across country with her husband and three young children. She is lost in the role of mother and wife. She doesn't seem to have any other identity. She is frumpy, tired, stressed and hundreds of other adjectives that describe a typical woman.

I think that's the reason I loved this book. Lanie is a typical woman. She loves her children fiercely even though they are normal, naughty little boys. She loves her husband even though they barely communicate anymore. She doesn't love herself. Her story is one of finding herself again, while rescuing a marriage. Peter, her hard-working musician husband, is also given an accurate portrayal. I can only imagine that across this planet there millions of men (and women for that matter) who work hard and feel disconnected to the family they love so much.

The writing is clever. The author gives Lanie a voice that I could relate to. There are scenes that just make you laugh out loud and there are some that you don't want to happen because your heart will break along with the characters. The epilogue itself is worth reading. Her view of women, and the beauty that is in all of us, despite our flaws, is truly beautiful.

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