Monday, March 16, 2009

Musing Mondays

Today's Musing Mondays Prompt:

We were all warned as children to 'never talk to strangers', but how do you feel about book-talk with random people? When you see people reading, do you ask what it is? Do you talk to people in the book store or the library? Why or why not? What do you do if people talk to you? (question courtesy of Dena)

Interesting question. . . I think we get to a point in our life where talking to strangers isn't quite as terrifying as it was when we were small. Just yesterday I was browsing at Borders (one of my favorite activities) when someone noticed the author I was looking at and recommended some of their books. I enjoy talking books with just about anybody so I didn't mind at all. I don't necessarily take recommendations from strangers because I don't know what kind of books they like, but I am always happy to hear "You'll love it, great book," from someone.

As for being the instigator of the conversation, that's rare. I am not an overly social person so I'm less likely be the one to start talking. Once someone gets me going though. . . watch out!

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Jenners said...

I totally agree with not taking recommendations from a stranger whose reading tastes you don't know -- could end badly! : )