Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dewey by Vicki Myron

Dewey is the story of a little cat who was found in a library drop box one freezing morning in Spencer, Iowa. With the love of his "mama", Vicki, and the other library staff, he thrived and lived in the library for a long nineteen years.

This is an interesting book for me to review because I'm torn. I was a big emotional mess by the time I finished the book. I have trouble with animal stories. I went to see Hotel For Dogs a few weeks ago and cried through the whole second half of the movie. Yes, that's right. I cried. At a movie for kids. About a hotel for dogs. I'm very ashamed. With that said, I knew from the start of the book that I would probably cry at the end. I did.

The fact that I cried is a good thing in respect to the book. It means that the author was able to tell the story of Dewey in such a way that I became emotionally attached. It also made me want a cat (dumb allergies).

My only problem with the book, was the repetitiveness. I felt that while the story was mostly linear there were some moments where I felt I'd read something before. The book explains why Dewey was such a special cat over and over again. I enjoyed reading about Dewey's new adventures as he explored his home, his daily routine, his pickiness regarding food, and other aspects of his life. I don't know how many times it went over the fact that Dewey would attend meetings and choose a lap to sit in. That's just one example of what I feel was repetitive.

What I'm trying to get at was that the book rambled a bit. Maybe that's all right though, it held my interest and like I said, I did grow to love the cat. I'm glad I read it. I'd be interested to hear what others thought. If you are a cat lover, I'd check it out.

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