Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tribute by Nora Roberts

Tribute, by Nora Roberts, is another solid book by the author. The characters are enjoyable, the plot interesting, and overall it's a satisfying read. I'm a huge fan of Nora Roberts so I've read nearly all of her novels. I'm rarely disappointed.

Cilla is a former child star and granddaughter of one of the most famous actresses of all time. Janet Hardy is one of those actresses that after death became a legend but before her death was beloved. Cilla never met her grandmother but feels very close to her after moving to her "Little Farm" and renovating the neglected home. Add a charming neighbor with his charming dog and the stage is set for a romance.

Romance is only part of the story however, as someone really doesn't want Cilla to live in that house. She is threatened, run off the road, and terrorized by someone. With a mystery to solve, Cilla and Ford delve into her grandmother's past and try to figure out who may blame Cilla for her grandmother's sins.

If you are a fan of Nora Roberts, you've probably read this, but if not you should. I loved the character of Ford because he's a nerd and I can relate! If I have any complaint at all it is that I feel I have met the character of Cilla in other books. Ms. Roberts enjoys writing strong women but maybe they are all too strong? Maybe too similar? It seems that the men take on distinct personalities but the women are all the same. It's not a big complaint because I enjoyed the story but I just didn't feel there was anything new about the female lead.

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