Monday, June 8, 2009

Life Gets In The Way

Life hasn't gotten in the way of reading or anything, it's just gotten in the way of blogging. This blog has suffered and I don't even want to talk about my picture blog. I'm so ashamed.

So reading. . . what a subject. I could talk books for hours but frankly nobody wants to hear it. I'm either really boring or just way too passionate. This year started out rough in regards to reading. I had a few too many books that were just "ok". I'm not going to go so far as to say I didn't like the books, but they didn't excite me. I was starting to re-think all the challenge stuff. I thought that might be the problem. Maybe having "assigned" reading like in high school damaged my joy of the written word. I'm happy to say it didn't. My books and I are very happy together once again. I've been on a roll. I've read some really good books these past couple of months. Honestly? I'm always happier when I'm reading light and fluffy, fun, comfortable books.

I've also added to my book collection. By a lot. My "new" discovery of library and used book sales has increased my To Be Read pile. My shelves are practically groaning with all the weight. I'm even trying to find a home for my fish (and the tank) so I have space for another bookshelf. It's fairly pitiful, especially considering I'm not a speed reader.

I'm starting a new book tonight and I'm practically giddy with the thought of it. I just love to read. That's what it's all about. So I promise to get back into a good blogging routine and continue to bore people with my obsession.

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